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Galan Logistics has been specializing in end-to-end logistics services from the beginning of the company’s activity on the market, i.e. 2006. Our company offers professional and efficient forwarding services on national and international markets. The services provided by the company are continually adjusted to suit the requirements of the market. From the start of its operation the company has been focused on providing services to Scandinavian destinations such as Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Providing services on these destinations made the company a reputable partner considered a reliable business by its clients.

13.11. 2017

Opening of the Warehouse and Transhipment Centre in Kobylanka


01.10. 2017

Poznań branch celebrates 10th anniversary


03. 2017

The company owns 60 semi-trailers

02 2017

Laying the foundations for the Transhipment Centre in Kobylanka

09.10. 2016

Refreshing the brand, new logo and visual identification

24.04. 2016

10 years on the market

01.03. 2016

Opening of a new branch in Złotniki, Suchy Las

03 2016

Opening of a new branch in Gorzów Wielkopolski

11. 2014

Creating the company’s fan page on facebook

27.10. 2014

Creating the semi-trailer maintenance service point

08. 2011

The visual aspect of corporate identification – the Logo

01. 2011

Purchasing the first semi-trailer

02. 2010

Opening a branch in Kunów

21.04 2009

Początek działalności Galan Logistics Sp. z o.o.

01.04 2008

Opening a branch in Gorzów Wielkopolski


01.04 2008

Opening a branch in Szamotuły


01.10 2007

Opening a branch in Ostroróg


01.04 2007

Opening a branch in Goleniów



The first ferry crossing



Opening a branch in Stepnica


The first forwarding order


24.06 2006

The start-up of Galan Logistics Przemysław Gałan operation