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Galan Logistics supports Lucek fighting against disease.

We decided to help Lucek and his parents. Lucek has a chance to get his little leg back – he has a chance to be healthy again!

“Lucek suffers from congenital nonunion. Every year 3 children are born in Poland with this defect. The bone breaks and a false joint appears in this place. Further fractures lead to abnormal development of the leg, as the healthy leg grows faster, while the one, which is continuously breaking much slower. When the difference between the length of the legs grows from a few centimetres to a dozen or so, the child is unable to walk. Then, the child wears special shoes on platforms, and if this is not enough it can end up in a wheelchair. But this is not the end, the worst scenario is the amputation of the leg – this is what we fear most”.

We are helping Lucek and his family in getting his leg back to normal.
Luccek, we stand with you!